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My scrappy book....

Falinea gives us some helpful advice.

Falinea gives us some helpful advice.

Janitor Chum.

For Chum, this was a promotion.

Even the rocks are critics.

Even the rocks are critics. Sheesh.

Cheap Sunnystones

Radius trys to trick people into saving him by pretending to sell cheap sunnystones.

Painted Exiles

Pubbledy is a weird town, sometimes. Well, sometimes more weird than ususal.

Beer Myrm!

Noble Myrms are attracted to beer, so be careful!

Ninja Kyttyn!

My sister Aurora in her ninja outfit.

A Kthpok Spins.

Pretty Spider flirts with us.

Jailed Exiles

I practice Law in my spare time.

Helpful Gnome

Gnome Power!.

My friend, Falinea

Falinea cares about us exiles.

Again with the liche!

Rora's not scared, she's commanding an army!

Ding Dong the Liche is Dead!

See. >^_^<

But spider, I don't wanna go to school today!

I like to nap, and woe to the spider who tries to wake me up...

Astral Spark!

This is my friend Astral Spark! Sparky likes to help people and blinks happily.

A Present that Appeared Under a Tree!

One day, we awoke to spy a present appear under a tree! A dead talk-show host! Surprise!

One day a whole bunch of rats appeared!

Like a hundred rats at once appeared right in the middle of town! For no reason! Ouchie!

Poor Santa Chicken!

During the "holidays", Santa Chicken appeared to give presents to all the good Exiles.... and this is the thanks he got!

Ding dong, the liche is dead!

These brave Exiles helped kill the Dorkshak Lunch!

Helping is fun!

I helped!

Pixy isn't usually grumpy... I wonder why she is now?

Poor Pixy.... She got her work cut out for her.

Pile of monkies....

Lookit all the monkies!

Icky spiders....

Silly spiders, they get so obsessed, they stuck.


Help me, I drownin!


Poor Chum, he bumped into Greater Wraith and accidentally slaughtered it.

Super Chicken!

My hero Super Chicken gets his gold robes.

Rainy day in Pubbledy

In Pubbledy, when it rains, it pours!

Dork Templey, Eeek!

This is the infamous Pentagram Room in the Dork Templey.... Skeery.

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