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Wednesday, October 10, 2001

I've plenty of time to stop and think. I was sitting beneath an oak this morning, and I had a conversation with my spirit. As I sent forth a smoke ring I realized that there is work to be done. My spirit felt that too much was out of wack in the world. I did not quite understand, my spirit spoke of misuses of power, education and knowledge. I feel frustration even trying to wrap my mind around the problems of the spirit world, it sounds at once both a horrible and very wonderful place.

A thought dawned on me that I may have to devote more time to my spirit. It is a thought and not much else, I find it difficult to focus on a spirit so confused and frustrated.

I will sleep on it for a bit and see what I can gather from friends at a council of rootbeer.

G'nite and sleep well.
penned by Yorg Mendelson 10.10.01

Friday, September 28, 2001

Just got back from a walk around East Forest, did I hear it called Oakwood? Hmm, must ask again.

Interesting court case commentary this evening. Babajaga vs Wangah Rah, the gist was one was with holding information the other felt was important for everyone. I do not believe anyone was punished. I was only half listening to the conversation through my sunstone, but I think this may be a topic that deserves some research. Maybe it is not...

Well, my beginning searches of East Forest have turned up very little. Mostly a confirmation that it is teaming with life, teeth claws and all. Must ppersist for a while with the tree inspections.

penned by Yorg Mendelson 28.9.01

Thursday, September 27, 2001

First night in my new home, I'd like to thank Sabbit for making sure I got in safely. I sit here wrapped in my cloak, more for comfort than to ward off chill. Seems strange to be alone, but I like the quiet. I can see the stars through the bows overhead. I shall have to ask Wystii the names of some of these constellations.

The grove is safe, but I wonder about its weather-fastness. Come winter I may call on the las who sold me this staff if I could possibly stay warm in her dwelling. I'd have to get to know her first, dont want to bust in all uninvited and asking for things she may be uncomfortable giving.

Purchased a quarterstaff today, works well! Tried Sabbit's rapier as well and its quite nice.

Not much else to say. I shall try to get some sleep, and hopefully dream.

G'nite, Puddleby.

penned by Yorg Mendelson 27.9.01

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Ah, once again it takes me a bit to return to journal and quill.

The most recent news is that Tan has held it Guiding Heart elections, for those of you who do not know it is an event held every two years. This election gave us: Karkras, Tas, Alayn, Drenn, and myself. I am proud to be chosen for this position and continue the work lain before me.

Thalion was elected both Hunt and Expedition Leader, wahoo! Its a good choice. Tas is also the Clan Treasurer and Luna has been offered the position of Meeting Coordinator.

Now that this event has come, I have finalized my plans and arrived at my decision. I am to leave town on the 3rd day of Summer 543, I leave with the new moon. During this time I will concentrate on strengthening both mind and body, so I will be studying Mentus and Hardia.

The little grove I picked out is ready and I've made it a tad more cozy, though it's nothing like the 3• healer lounge. All are welcome to visit.

I must go, still much to do before I leave.

penned by Yorg Mendelson 25.9.01

Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Well it seems a while since I set pen to paper, and in that time I have been honored by Winds of Dawn by being included in their collection of scrolls. My thanks to you if you are reading this message.

Quite a bit has indeed happened, and if I return in good patience I shall try to set it down. For now I am taking a walk, and will maybe learn a thing or two of the Drake with a fondness for Halflings.
penned by Yorg Mendelson 4.9.01

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Last night a meeting was held and Diablo was inducted into the Clan. We also discussed the dissolution of Sausage. That in turn broke down to a bit of an argument as tempers began to rise, not unjustly so, but it changed the mood some.

Tonight I joined Thalion on a short jaunt to Centaur Island, made some money hunting and had a pretty fun trip. I travelled there, to the forest, only once before in my early exile. I was glad to not have to depart.

I does my heart good to see Thalion out and about. I hope his healing has started.

Good night all.
penned by Yorg Mendelson 22.8.01

Monday, August 20, 2001

With a heavy heart I bid Sausage farewell from the clan. He quits just as I ran into the Clan Hall to stop him, but alas I was too late. He has issues that may need to be addressed with the clan.

I dont know what to and some of the behavior of fellow Tans in the NE field during a Nox, more at Lilit ritual from what I gather, has cast a dark shadow over a previously bright start. I made it through my studies with Marsh Hermit, the old fellow told me I kept him on his toes.

Well, I must go, there is much to think about.

I pray for my fellow exiles, may the Seasons keep them safe from harm, and in some cases, themselves.
penned by Yorg Mendelson 20.8.01


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