Vata's Fourth Circle Test

First I check with all the first-circle trainers. Since passing my last test, I have concentrated mostly on Thuja's Eva-style lessons, after taking some time to learn the use of a sylphstone ring and caduceus.

Next, perhaps my final official chat with Bruno:

And my last formal meeting with Glory begins, at least until she devises an even more difficult test for me some day.

Somehow I never get tired of the old shoelaces trick. I wonder how she can fall so hard every time, though.

As the dangerous cats approach, I try to lead them around the rocks so they will not all be able to bite be at once as I concentrate on healing Glory. (I can almost remember who taught me this technique, but now I am not quite sure.)

Almost there... And she is up!
Yes! Maybe I will miss her more than I think

Time to go see the fourth-circle room!

Virgil is someone I have wanted to meet for a while, I sign up for his lessons right away.

And of course I will need one of these...

...though perhaps not today.

I kept a log of this test, complete with the enthusiastic congratulations from many of the exiles who were in the lands when I passed:

Astrooa says, "Vata, you are starting to learn, but Thuja demands more effort."
Eva says, "Hail, Vata."
Eva bows.
Eva says, "You show great devotion to your studies."
Faustus says, "Hail, Vata. Teaching you is a challenge."
Sespus says, "Hail, Vata. It is hard to find more to teach you."
Respia says, "Hail, Vata. Teaching you is a challenge."
Higgrus says, "Hail, Vata. It is hard to find more to teach you."
Suu'ub III is sharing experiences with you.
Bruno says, "The healer testing area is ready, Vata. Good luck to you."
Bruno says, "You remind me of those who have passed."
Glory says, "Greetings, Lady Vata."
Glory says, "Welcome to the healer testing area."
Glory says, "In a few moments I will fall, and hostile creatures will enter."
Glory says, "Raise me successfully and live to complete the test."
Vata ties Glory's shoelaces together.
Glory tries to take a step.
Glory yells, "Congratulations, Vata, you have passed!"
Glory pats Vata on the back.
Glory says, "Now run along. I have work to do."
Glory thinks, "Congratulations go out to Vata, who has just passed the fourth circle healer test."
Vata thinks, "Woohoo!"
Papa the Chirurgeon thinks, "whoooooo!"
You just received good karma!
Trowa thinks, "WOOT WOOT!"
Thalion thinks, "congrats"
Ugh thinks to you, "congrats!"
Garibaldi thinks, "Hooya!"
Kamik thinks, "Congrats!"
You just received good karma!
You just received good karma!
Suu'ub III thinks to you, "nice job vata :)"
Silky the Sharpshooter thinks, "Oooga Vata!"
Lorikeet thinks to you, "congratulations"
Kaspar thinks, "Thoooom!"
Papa the Chirurgeon thinks, "heyyyyyyyy hah!"
J'jh thinks to you, "congrats! (-:"
Firebird says, "Welcome."
Vata thinks, "All that studying finally paid off!"
(Vata smiles)
Virgil says, "Hail, Vata. You have much to learn."
Virgil says, "I can teach you to use the purgatory pendant."
Virgil says, "You will learn as you practice."
Virgil says, "Welcome aboard. Practice the exercises I have taught you."
Beatrice says, "I have purgatory pendants for sale."
Beatrice says, "You will not be able to use one until you train extensively with Virgil."
Beatrice asks, "Vata, would you like to buy a purgatory pendant for 10000 coins?"
Beatrice waits for a response.
Vata says, "yes"
Beatrice says, "I'm sorry, Vata, you don't have enough money."
(Vata sighs)
Serquoit Glin asks, "Vata, do you want to buy a pair of turquoise pants for 40 coins?"
Serquoit Glin waits for a response.
Vata says, "yes"
Serquoit Glin says, "There you go, Vata."
You equip your pair of fourth-circle pants, which is in nearly perfect condition.
You equip your healer's shirt, which is in pretty good shape.
You equip your third-circle healer's shirt, which is in pretty good shape.
Shanjeh Da'vih says, "I would be happy to trade you a caduceus for your mercurial staff."
Shanjeh Da'vih says, "You don't have the mercurial staff I need, though."
Evats Daret says, "Greetings, Vata."
Evats Daret says, "For 300 coins, I can give you a mercurial staff in exchange for your caduceus."
Evats Daret asks, "Would you like me to do that?"
Shreem Batoon says, "I have a supply of mercurial staves for sale."
Shreem Batoon says, "These staves let you heal people from far away, or heal them quickly with a touch."
Shreem Batoon says, "My colleague will trade you a mercurial staff for a caduceus, if you prefer."
Shreem Batoon asks, "Vata, would you like to buy a mercurial staff for 1300 coins?"
Vata says, "Hmm"
Vata asks, "Have you tried a staff?"
Firebird says, "Yeah"
(Topaz nods)
Topaz says, "I use staff all the time"
Topaz says, "never cad anymore"
Firebird says, "It's the same as a cad except with burst heal"
Vata says, "I have heard some say they don't like it"
I have decided I definitely like the mercurial staff. The only problem is that it does not always look to my patients like I am working as hard as I am, since the burst healing happens suddenly rather than gradually.

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