She who clicks for me was born on a sunny day in the year 1975. May 13 to be exact. She has blond hair and green eyes like me, and she is 172 cm tall (5' 8"). She usually responds to the name "Pernille".

She works as a graphic artist apprentice at a minor printing-house. She will take her final exam in May, 2000, and her four years of apprenticeship will be over on August 1 of the same year.

Pernille lives along with her boyfriend Jesper in a nice little house, just outside the city of Aalborg in the North Jutland region of Denmark.

Jesper doesn't play Clan Lord. He thinks it's silly. He's not even a Mac person. Well, actually he's a real bastard ;-) Hopefully he won't get too ticked off when he sees the phonebill...

Thankfully, Jesper usually works evenings and nights, so he can't complain about Pernille clanning when he's not there anyway.

OK, so she's is not playing Clan Lord to find a boyfriend, but because she thinks it's great fun. But in any case, I, Thuja, shall still seriously consider saying yes to a purely IC marriage proposal. If it's the right person asking, of course :-)

(Update: Cloud asked, and I happily said yes).

Other than clanning, Pernille enjoys taking her bike out for some nice long rides, and she visits the local indoor shooting-range once a week to keep in shape for the ladies rifle team.

Well, I should shut my mouth. Pernille is not supposed to be the center of attention here. I am! Click on me... Please! And forget everything I just said.

Thuja :)

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