Timberwolf's Story

I was once training to be a bodyguard for emperor Mobius. But I was young and foolish. I was then a musician as I am now, and I didn't like Mobius at all. He had done the world good when he first came into power, but he got carried away with it. I wrote songs about Mobius, songs that I knew he wouldn't like. Songs that I gave to Mobius' few protestant groups, to help raise their courage. But my friend sold out on me. For a measly 500 gold coins he told Mobius' guards who was writing the songs. I can only wish that I had come along further in my training, so that maybe I could've fought back a little bit when they came to take me. When I reached Puddleby, I couldn't remember anything that had happened. Mobius' has some sort of device that he uses on most exiles that temporarily erases their memories. I think he wants to improve it to make the erasing permanent. But after days and weeks, I still couldn't remember how I had come here, or why. He may have done something different with me, so that I could not remember for longer. Then one night, before I fell asleep in the temple (before the library had been built), I prayed to whoever was listening that I could have my memory back. The next morning I could remember everything, except for the songs that I had written when I was still on the mainland. Today I am not as strong as I used to be. Another thing that Mobius does when he exiles people is to take away most of their talents and abilities. I'd like to return to mainside one day, to take my revenge on Mobius and his guards.



Timberwolf also has a scroll of songs and poems

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