Pauly's Story

The story of Pauly


My parents, Thorg and Kalia Bokunta, lived a peaceful and happy life in a Ghorak Zo fishing village on a small island called Kelvor in the Great Sea northeast of the Islands of Lok'Groton. Merchant trading vessels came to Kelvor from time to time to barter supplies for fish, vegetables, carpets, and other such items that the hard working people of Kelvor would produce. Many of these trading vessels were populated with humans who were very kind to the people of Kelvor. My parents were fascinated by human culture and learned much about it from their human friends who bartered with them from time to time. One such human, a Captain Paul Galahadian of the trading vessel Delphi, was particularly kind to my parents and even stayed with them for a time. But most important was Captain Paul saving my father's life when a fishing trip was cut short by a terrible storm. He jumped in the water and pulled my father, who had been thrown overboard by a tremendous wave, back into the boat just as he was sinking below the surface. Upon my birth it was decided I would be named "Pauly" Bokunta after Captain Paul Galahadian also in part because my mother was especially fascinated by human names.

I grew up a very happy Ghorak Zo surrounded by family and friends who loved me. I was following in my father's footsteps and becoming an expert fisherman. Just after my 19th birthday my life and the lives of the people of Kelvor took a tragic turn for the worse. Early one morning a small armada of ships appeared on the we had never seen before. As they got closer we were able to deduce that they were flying the flag of the Darshak Horde. The people began to panic because we were aware of the Darshak Pirates and their atrocities as told by Captain Paul and other visitors. Although Ghorak Zos have reputations as being good fighters the people of Kelvor were not experienced in such matters other than the simple training exercises that were held a few times per week. Despite this disadvantage everyone stayed to protect the village and the younger children were hidden in underground storage areas. There was really no time or nowhere to run anyways. The Darshaks came from there vessels in smaller boats and there were hundreds of them. My people fought bravely but were no match for the Horde. Many were killed, including my father, and the rest, myself included, were taken prisoner aboard the Darshak ships. I watched my mother being dragged aboard another Darshak vessel. It would be the last time I ever saw her. As we sailed away tears flowed from my eyes watching my home burn to the ground. My life as I knew it was over.

We sailed for many days and nights before we saw land again surviving on meager food rations the Darshaks made available. When we finally reached land we found ourselves at the edge of a great empire...the empire ruled by none other than Mobius himself! We had heard frightening stories about Mobius and his empire from travelers passing by, but in our wildest imaginations we could have never envisioned the grand city that now was upon us. We soon learned that we were to be sold as slaves to the empire. Apparently the Darshaks had been making quite a business out of selling innocent people as slaves to the empire. My young age and good health made me a hot commodity and I was quickly thrust into a life of hard labor for the empire. Three years later I managed to escape but didn't exactly end up where I had hoped. There was a cave-in where we were mining under the main castle and I took advantage of the distraction and slipped away. I quickly made my way through the maze of tunnels and ended up in some of the castle's lower chambers. I surprised a guard knocking him out and in the process I took a large key chain full of keys. I was looking for a way out trying keys on every door I could find when I stumbled into a strange laboratory filled with some of the oddest looking things I'd ever seen. In the middle of the room was a large mirror that glowed and kind of vibrated. Upon closer examination I felt this strange force that seemed to beckon me into the mirror. So I stepped through and appeared on this beach which was near a small town. I thought it was an illusion but I soon realized I was no longer on the mainland but rather a large island with a town called Puddleby. There were many races here, including Ghorak Zo and Human, and it seemed every person's explanation forgetting or being exiled here was equally mysterious. So I was forced to make a life for myself here but it hasn't been that bad. I have made many friends of all races and I stand with them fighting against all evil and protecting our town of Puddleby. Even the Darshaks have a presence in this realm and I have come face to face with them many times already. On occasion I even get to assist in raiding their nearby base which at least gives me a little sense a justice. I have a faint hope that I will someday find a clue to the whereabouts of my beloved mother or perhaps even return to the mainland and help overthrow Mobius and his evil empire. Until then I shall do my best to help the citizens of Puddleby.




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