Ertai Awoken's Story

Hi, I am Ertai Awoken. So you want my story? Well, you might not understand this much, but have you read Llerendel's story of traversing the planes? Well, that is what I did. I was an energy being, able to walk the panes at will. I was leaving a plane where I had recently slayed an evil being called Diablo, to a world where a great exile happened and it was ending on a continent called Krizsan. On the way there, I weird magic somehow locked onto my energy's and pulled me into this plane. It was an ogra shaman performing an electric experiment, which I later figured out was lightning. I was pulled in and left without a race at a temple. I did not know what to do at all! I tried moving but I couldn't! Finally I spoke to someone to help me. They said I had to push to walk, so I did and eventually got a hang of it. First I thought of Zo because I heard they where good fighters. In time they were, but the beginning was SLOW. So later after I had been sleeping one night, I was transformed into a halfing. Soon the entire world collided with another plane and every thing died, until both planes passed. After that event I had transformed into a sylvan. So here I live in Puddleby with my roommate Zurk the Doshey (you should try some of his roasted ogra eye sometime) hoping to return to my energy state once again.


-Ertai Awoken

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