Trool are complaining!

The Puddleby Department of Conquest claims the Trool mines for Puddelby. The Trool launch a protestation.


Sometimes it's best just not to ask.

(Pictured from top counter-clockwise) Mortag, Sutai, Hidden, and Phiros.

 You think you've had it bad?

You think you've had it bad?

mortag puddleby post office rental

WHAT?!? ONLY 170 coins?!?

 entil'zha really fallen puddleby

New record: 42 healers needed. Congratulations Entil'za!

 Feast of Tsrinn Puddleby

I don't remeber them looking like this....

 Cape Celebrate Clan Lord

Now that is scary.

 Two Centaurs Clan Lord

Attacking Centuars!

 Confused Fen Puddleby

That is one blind Fen.

Fire Elementals in Puddleby

Methinks they be up to something. 

 Healer T'rool

A Trool Healer!

 Penguin Line Puddleby


 Penguin Pyramid Tsrinn Puddleby

More penguins!

 Sister's Tasteless Earwig

I always wanted to be able to say two things at once...

More pictures! "On the list!"