Day 72 to Day 89 of Summer


Day 28 of Autumn, Year 539

Exiles finally managed to take over all of the known Orga Camps during a full moon and let a mystic penetrate the Orga Power Room. Robin Greyhawk described this process:

On the evening of the 23rd a small group gathered in the Meadow to
begin the assault on the Orga Camp. It was a clear autumn night and I
could see that the moon was in her second quarter and nearly full. There
were only 7 of us, 2 fighters, 2 healers, myself and 2 apprentices, but
we decided that we were enough to start to clear the first camp.

Even before we reached the entrance to the camp, more exiles began
to join us. We swept swiftly through the first camp and soon located the
entrance the second. While we scouted the second camp, our numbers
swelled. We soon had perhaps 30-40 exiles and an assault was launched.
This first attack was thrown back with some casualties. Unfortunately,
while they were in the second camp, there was a shift in the gates and we
lost the entrance. I found this particularly frustrating as I could
plainly see the illusion, but no one could enter it. Midnight approached
and still we could not advance. At last, shortly after midnight, the
gates shifted again and we could get at the Orga.

The second Camp was quickly overrun and we moved to the third. In a
matter of a few minutes the third camp was secured and, unlike many
previous attempts, we were able to locate the gate to the fourth camp. I
saw little of the first attempt but the healers set up a north and a
south rod to draw the Orga's lightning. The third camp soon became too
hostile for the group left behind as more Warlocks appeared. Some of us
were able to escape into the fourth camp. The entrance was relatively
safe, but was not to remain that way for long. As I watched, helpless to
aid them, the Orga's fire on the southern rod intensified and healers
began to fall. Others tried to join them and bolster the defense but it
was for naught. The rod collapsed and we were forced to flee back to the
third camp.

We were able to resecure the third camp in short order and gathered
some reinforcements for another assault. The earlier camps were abandoned
as we could not afford enough to be able to hold them. Aki and I
consulted, as the only 2 Full Mystics there at the time (we were latter
joined by Leonin and Malkor) and he deferred to me as the one who would
enter the room. For this I owe him a great debt. This time our rods swept
through the camp and we secured a tenuous hold on the east side near the
"pit". By this time, it was near dawn of the 24th. The entrance to the
power room was not to be found, although we searched the entire area. We
sensed the magic "deep within the Orga Camp", but could not yet detect
the room. Aki and I both sensed that our minds were clouded and that we
would have to be strong, focus our energies and wait.

But the waiting was not easy. As I said, our hold was tenuous and we
could not control the entire camp. Warlocks continually appeared near the
pit, hurling lightning bolts at our healers and fighters. Others can tell
you more of the battle for I saw only part of it. At times it appeared we
would have to retreat or fall, but we were heartened by the news that OWE
was leading a strong force of reinforcements to us. They had to battle
the Orga in the other camps first and they fought furiously. At last they
reached us and, although the battle was constant, our position was
reasonably secure.

A call was put out by others for everyone to link their spirits to
mine to support me in my effort. I felt more and more exiles lending me
their aid. I soon sensed 70 then 80 and finally 85 people sharing with
me. This was almost 75% of the exiles available and I was pleasantly
surprised to find that so many people were supportive of our cause. It
really showed that we are able to pull together behind a single purpose
when we want to.

We sensed that the Orga were furious and desperate and gathering all
their power to throw at us. Shortly before noon, the camp was racked by 2
sharp earthquakes, which did us little harm. At noon, I heard an Orga
Magician appeared although I did not see him. He must have been as weak
as a Mystic as he was quickly cut down. At the same time, the door to the
Power Room appeared a little north of where we had thought it was and I
dove for it.

The room is a small tree lined area and little clumps of butterflies
fluttered about. A campfire burned in the center. As I entered, felt an
overwhelming sense of power. A great wave of power overcame me and I
staggered to sit down by the fire. There was a stirring in the air and I
heard a voice whispering in my head. " The power serves only one master,
give it to others, and lose it for yourself." The fire flared up to
enormous heights then went out and all was quiet. I stood up, somewhat
bewildered at what had happened. Then I noticed a chest had appeared on
the other side of the fire. I opened the chest to find a strange looking
stone. It is dark with green highlights, much like a sphere of dark green
tourmaline. Having accomplished what we set out to do (although I did not
yet know what it was) I left the room.

Outside, the battle had ended. The Orga had ceased their efforts as
I entered the room. Everyone was curious as to what I had found and felt
the power of the stone when I held it in my hands. With many people
suspecting that it might help to open the mirror, a decision was made to
take the stone there.

Others can tell you of the Battle of South Forest. I saw little of
it. Qual heard that we had something interesting and sent his T'rool
minions out in large force. I heard the center of town was taken for a
time and exiles took refuge in the temple. A small party escorted me down
the beach and to the mirror while the main force bashed it's way through
the woods. I stood before the mirror and threw my mind into the stone.
Suddenly, I found myself halfway across the snell. I repeated the
exercise and again found myself teleported. The stone had no visible
effect on the mirror, but is a teleport device that seems to rival the
fabled ring of pre War days.

This ends my story for now. I've learned a few things about the
stone and how to use it. I can mark a location and return to it, but I've
not yet found a way to have more than one mark at a time. My power with
it is limited, but I believe I will eventually be able to take others
with me over long distances. I will try to learn more about the stone. It
remains dark, but I suspect that under the proper conditions it may glow
with even greater power.

Day 26 of Autumn, Year 539

I was exploring the island west of Puddlby with a friend of mine, Relkin. We searched the passes there for new caves, and eventually went to the area where the Vulcon live. We saw a Vulcon outside of the wall!

mortag voolcon clan lord

It refused to talk to us, and we eventually left it alive.


Day 11 of Autumn, Year 539

Through my sunstone, I heard Ugo Fuxfell report he saw a drake in the North Beaches. I rushed over there and saw he had it well trapped.

 mortag forest drake clan lord  He had the Forest Drake well-trapped, and we waited for more fighters to come.

When they arrived, we immediately began attacking the Drake and killed it without a single fallen.

 mortag south beach clan lord  mortag forest drake kill

Day 8 of Autumn, Year 539

After a voice in my head warned me of an imminent Chaos Storm, I rushed to the Abyss. I fell though. Anyway, when I re-entered the lands, I found myself in the Crystal Temple. I found that the land had changed greatly in my absence. Two new cats have appeared. Shadowmutt will be happy. Also, a new gift shop is being built within Puddelby, though its future planned use is unknown. The Tro'ol Outpost's permits are still not in order.