Falinea FAQ

The most frequent queries addressed to Falinea, of the Winged Centaurs

1. What are you? Falinea is a Winged Centaur.

2. Are you a God/Ancient/GM? No, Falinea is a Winged Centaur.

3. How did you get that way? She was born that way.

4. Can I fly with you? Unfortunatly, the placement of her wings is such that there is nowhere to sit safely.

5. Will you hunt with me? Sometimes, she will!

6. How do you deal with rudeness or crudeness? For her such people are worthy of neither notice nor comment.

7. Will you please officiate/attend my (insert ceremony here) As much as she is honored to be asked, and wishes nothing but the best to you in your new (insert ceremony here), she has found in the past that her presence is a distraction from the truly important aspects of such occasions.


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