Drawkcab Games

Drawkcab Race

I will write this in English, so that everyone may enjoy the drawkcab games.

Form a starting point, and mark it with a beer keg. Have the contestant line up across the line. Then a Drawkcab Facilitator will yell go ad everyone runs one lap around the designated area. after each lap take a drink of ale, contestants who do not drink any ale will be disqualified. after you take your drink, you will be checked off. Then you run the lap going the opposite direction. When you complete that lap, take another drink and run the lap in the opposite direction (the way you went for the first lap) and this continues until 3 people finish 5 laps. Contestants must stay with in the boundaries of the race (unless drunkenness disables you to do so).

Multiple kegs may be used depending on how many people are running. There is a 50 coin entrance fee to the drawkcab race. the winner receives the total amount of collected coins minus the 25% commissioners fee and any left over kegs, and their clan is declared Drawkcab Race Champions. The runners up will also recieve cash prizes. If clans would like to donate kegs it would be greatly appreciated (no entrance fee for several members). There is a maximum of 10 people per heat, and there is no maximum to the number of people from a clan playing. There will be several heats, then a final round. Pushing and pulling is allowed. Do not argue with the Refs. Their decision is final. Arguing will cause you to be ejected from the game. Along with the sign up please request a place for the race to take place, keep in mind that it must be large enough to fit 20+ people, and enough to run around in. Remember have fun, and pulling and pushing is allowed. THIS IS AVAILABLE TO ALL CLANS, IF YOU ARE NOT IN A CLAN YOU MAY STILL PARTICIPATE. Take plenty of pictures, the highlights will be posted on the page when the race is over.


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Beer Mug Tag

The game is very simple, one of the facilitators will have a beer mug, he will then chase and attempt to tag the players. There will be 10 players per game. The game will go on until there are the set number of people left. Those players will advance to the next round. As always pushing and puling is allowed, and the refs' call is FINAL. The winner will recieve a cash award and the runners up will also get a cash prizes. Plus their clans will be reconized as the Drawkcab Beer Mug Tag Champions. The enterance fee for this will be 25 coins and will be held after the Race.



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