Quest for Spiritual Teachers

To find out who is speaking the truth, do not seek but question. Truth is not something you come by. Truth comes only when the mind is totally and completely free from all this. Then you have compassion and love; not for your guru, not for your family, not for your ideals or your saviour, but love, without any motive, which acts through intelligence.

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

So many secrets; So little time.

To my delight the areas of the southern estuary are opening up!  Rumors of a mountain pass are sure to delight the citizens of Puddleby.  Our plans to discover the long forgotten cities of the east are sure to awaken Cairo any day now.  Our long wait to learn the fate of our lost brethren from the mainland is surely close at at hand…

Puddleby Lore – Refresher Course – Meditation on Purgatory

From Sentinel –  Lore Refresher
Now that I have thought about it for a few days, Purgatory and that Altar are seemingly a focal point of much lore and chaos. Thus, now it has come to my attention that the peoples of South Puddleby Island have suffered similar torment at the hands of the Orga in having their altar scattered across the southern mountains. Our invasion of the Lok’Grotons and subsequent conquest by the forces of Mobius have certainly caused the Orga to attack the newcomers to Puddleby. I gather that the Orga see our ability, to traverse Purgatory, as one of the reasons they can not be rid of the invaders to their isles.

Exiles in the past have survived, thanks to the never ending support of the Healer’s guild. However, there was a time before healers in Puddleby’s early history. A time when the Altar in Puddleby was the only source of health and salvation from the endless hordes of wildlife. The establishment of access to the Astral Realms were in an age before my time, but it seems that while seperate, the astral plane, purgatory and the abyssal realms are closely tied. These states of being are ostensibly connected to the source of power that the Darshak Theocracy endlessly seeks. From my research as best I can tell, the planes are closely related to the spirit and being. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water when tied to this fifth element “spirit” is seemingly the source of life in the Terrestrial Planes. Many powerful magi such as Qual, Zonk, Mirna, The Sons of ‘Brion, and The Darshak Theocracy; all have shown talents expressed by the subtle Planes of Existence. Harnessing the magic of the microcosm in a quest to gain control over the higher realms.

There was a great threat to Purgatory when Tenebrion and his kin were nearly finished with their research. The unheeded warnings by Tenebrion, to the early explorers of the Etheric Planes, may have been a main reason causing a rift between the Etheric and Astral Planes. The mass departing of exiles from the Ethereal Plane to Purgatory, began to tear a hole from the Plane of Light to the Plane of Emotion. This caused the Terrestrial realms to begin to diminish and were vanishing into the realm of light. Ethereal Riptures began to form all over this realm and many exiles gave their lives to restore the Planes of the Earth back into order. This is the origin of the Kyuems which have been placed all over the Lok’grotons and are now semi-permanent gateways to the higher states of being.

If you notice or feel colors in purgatory these are the guardians of the light, follow them and they shall lead you home.

The muse has gone.

Lady Diotima of Puddleby
Isles of the Lok’Groton
Fordi, 86th day of Summer in the Year 585 since the Ascendancy.

Magic Hypercubes

I stumbled upon these mathematical forms in the Encyclopedia of Mathematics which I have donated to Puddleby’s Castle Alliance.  At first I dismissed these as fun games for math geeks but I have recently come to realize through the tetractys and magic triangles that these forms may have huge implications on our universe.  Thinking about the flow of ether I have to wonder if there may be some sense to be made of snéll areas in applying these mathematical forms.  Here’s a magic cube that sparked my interest, it is known as the Magic Cube of the Sun.

The cube consists of numbers 1 to 36 and each row, column and diagonal add up to 111.  The sum of the cube totals 666 which may frighten some but raises many questions about the origins of these superstitions.

If we extend the square to a cube and then a hypercube, the possibilities of logic and matter arrangements are endless.  If the ether shifts like a hypercube we may be able to find areas or pathways which make it easy to travel through the ether.  Following a line from 1 to 64 if we arrange kyeums in proper fashion.  I was also musing with the idea of music in conjunction with the tesseract but I’m not sure how to layout the notes or chords, I will meditate on this further.  Here’s a vision I retained from rays of emanating light, 12 notes, 12 symbols of the zodiac.  Maybe I will have to choose a 4×4 magic square for this project.  Perhaps it depends on which dimension we wish to travel in, hmm!  Namaste.